Water And Weight Loss

    Water And Weight Loss – How To Lose Weight With H2O?

    Summary: Recent studies show that water and weight loss can go hand in hand. Yes, when you drink more water, you can gain a better edge towards your weight loss goals.
    In your journey towards weight loss, the first and foremost advice you might have got is to drink more water to lose more weight. But, the question here is that is there any relationship between water and weight loss and will H2O really help in losing weight? The answer is affirmative. Yes, it will help.
    Reasons why water helps in weight loss:
    • When you drink more water, it will boost your metabolism
    • It will also cleanse your body from unwanted wastes
    • It will act as an appetite suppressant as well.
    • In addition, when you drink more water, your body will stop retaining water, thereby helping you lose water weight.

    Even though, you know that drinking water will help in weight loss, how to drink it will be your question. There are certain circumstances in which you should drink it to help towards your weight loss woes.

    How to drink water to lose weight?

    Drink before you eat:As mentioned earlier, water is an appetite suppressant and when you drink it before your meals, it will make you feel less hungry or fuller. This will automatically reduce your food intake. It is found that drinking water for weight loss before each meal will reduce the food intake by about 75 calories per meal. This means that per year you can lose about 27000 calories when you drink water before every meal each day. This means that you can lose nearly 8 pounds per year, just with the help of this nature’s gift.
    Take water instead of calorie-filled drinks:

    Whenever you feel like drinking soda or a fruit juice, replace it with water. If you feel it to be boring, just add a slice of lemon. Do you know that lemon when taken with water can be the remedy for successful weight loss? The reason is that lemon has a substance called pectin, which is known to bring down cravings for food.

    Drink ice cold water:
    It is found that drinking ice cold water will boost your metabolism rate. The reason is that your system will have to work harder to warm up the cold water. This will help the body in burning more calories, thereby helping in weight loss. Furthermore, drinking water in cold form can be refreshing as compared to drinking a glass of water in the room temperature.

    Hit the gym:
    Water can prevent lack of lubrication in different parts of your body by keeping them hydrated. So, they can work harder and longer without any difficulty. Before hitting the gym, have a cup of water to stay hydrated and active. This will increase your perspiration, which in turn will help in losing some pounds each day.
    As a final word, after understanding the relationship between water and weight loss, you can very well try out the methods mentioned above.

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    5 Ways Exercise and Fitness Improves Well Being

    We exercise for all kinds of reasons. There are those that do it to for health reasons while others simply want to get a rockin’ body. There is one thing that stands out though, as long as you are exercising the right way, you can never be wrong with any kind of exercise. Age is not even a factor when it comes exercising. Anyone can do it and enjoy the benefits that are associated with the keeping fit.

    We all know just how challenging working out can get, without self-commitment and hard work, you might find it hard to keep up with your routine. If you feel like giving up on your exercises, perhaps the following highlighted benefits of exercising should convince you to reconsider your decision.


    Exercises keep your weight in check

    We are aware of the health repercussions associated with being overweight. Regular exercise can do you a lot of good when it comes to helping you keep your weight in check. Try to make your exercise as intensive as you can because the intensive it is the more calories you burn. The good thing about this is that you do not even need to dedicate a lot of your time to this. Provided you are doing the right kind of exercise and doing it right, losing weight should be something achievable.

    Helps to combat some diseases and health conditions      

    If you worried about some heart diseases or even blood pressure, exercising can help reduce the prevalence of these conditions. If you keep your body active, you stand a better chance of boosting your high-density lipoprotein and reduces unhealthy triglycerides. Once you get you blood pumping and flowing, you automatically reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases which or very common. In addition to this, regular exercise can help you to manage a wide variety of health problems such as: stroke, metabolic Syndrome, depression and even some types of cancer.

    Reduces stress levels

    Regardless of your stress levels, a 20 minute workout session can do you a lot of good. A simple workout session can help you to greatly manage both your physical health and mental stress. Another advantage is that when you exercise, you have a high chance of improving your concentration and being in a better position of dealing with existing mental tension.

    Improves your self esteem

    Exercising regularly can be seen as an investment in your body, mind and soul. Every time you exercise, you foster the sense of self-worth which in turn makes you feel both strong and powerful. The moment you start feeling better, your body reacts to the same and behaves accordingly.

    Improving your sleep

    If you do not sleep well you’ll not perform with the desired efficiency level. A short burst should be enough to guarantee you a good night sleep which is essential to your wellbeing. Individuals who only get time to exercise at night can try a bit of yoga or gentle stretching for an improved night sleep.